South-West RIG NALDIC Report


At the SW RIG in Wiltshire on Wednesday 14th March we had a rather small but very productive meeting.
Gayle Fletcher and Helloise Kerr-Wilson – Cheltenham
Katie Isaac – Bristol
Jane Townsend – Cheltenham/Gloucestershire
Steven Donahue and Roz Serle – Wiltshire
Zdravie Davis and Pitville team – Cheltenham (forgive me for not knowing two names as not on register!)

We began with introductions and then learnt a great deal about Wiltshire EMAS which was thoroughly interesting and informative. From this the discussion we moved onto what we are all doing in terms of supporting Syrian Refugees in our communities. A most useful conversation.
In terms of planning, moving forward we suggested that the two topics of Refugees and Assessment could be a focus in the next RIG. Both Gloucestershire and Wiltshire have networks and I understand that other areas have networks or clusters, so these topics could be discussed at a local level and then shared collaboratively. The RIG meeting has been planned so that we could discuss any form of input into the UWE EAL Conference in Bristol.
I suggested that a Southwest RIG website would be an excellent resource, where each network or cluster could have their own page. This would enable us to share what happens in the RIG and also locally within the southwest region, in addition to that it could be used for sharing resources, presentations and events. We could design our own logo and draw up our core values, principles and aims of the group. Each member cold also have a picture and brief bio, to negate the need for introductions each meeting. This could be another agenda item for the next RIG.
We discussed how the meeting should be arranged and we were in agreement that travelling to different sites three times a year would be beneficial. In terms of organising the RIG meetings, the host will take charge of emails, advertising, agenda and that we would use an online boking system such as Microsoft Forms. The host would then write the report for that RIG meeting.
We finished our meeting with a great presentation form Katy Isaac – Barnton Hill Academy about her ESOL classes. This was such heart-warming presentation where Katy’s passion for working with the parents was clearly evident. Our school has already invited her to come to our school and we shall go and visit her. This presentation will be forwarded in due course.

SAVE THE DATE – Next RIG will be Wednesday 27th June at Pittville Senior School, Cheltenham.
The following RIG will then go to Bristol – venue to be decided.